11 November 2011

Four simple tips to help you find time to update your website

Written by Michal Wurm, Posted in Tips, Inbound Marketing, Blogging

Where to find time?Many business owners face the same problem as you do - you know you should spend some time to work on promoting your business but there is always something else that needs to be done instead. It doesn't go away either. Once you have dealt with one thing, something else pops up. By the end of the day, all the good intentions you had to work on your blog, marketing materials or website are never put to action. You probably know you should update your website on a regular basis. You are aware that all the studies prove businesses that do blog have significantly higher number of visitors and incoming links. So what can you do to keep your business running and find time to publish at least one post or article a week?
  1. Find inspiration The best way to write good article fast is to have a clear idea what are you going to write about. There are a number of resources you could use to get you going. Chris Brogan has published a list of blog topics to get you unstuck (here and here) which I always find to be a tremendous help.
  2. Collect ideas I also keep a running list of possible blog topics I could write about as a note on my phone. I have it always handy and keep adding to it every time an idea pops into my head. This list became a great tool I use whenever I'm stuck and can't think of a new blog topic to tackle.
  3. Plan your time Set aside some time for working on your writing, updating your website or working on your newsletter. Unless you have a set time to do these tasks you will just keep on postponing them. My initial goal was to spend half an hour every day on working on my own website but now I found out it works out better for me to set aside half a day block once a week to work on my blog and inbound marketing articles. Choose whichever works for you - be it a set amount of time every day or just half a day on the weekend, but you will need to stick to it.
  4. Get on with it. Just go ahead and start blogging, post new content on your website, write up an email newsletter. Anything you do will be better than doing nothing. Your website is far more likely to succeed if you publish one average article a week than one finely polished post a month. It's the frequency and the momentum that counts.
I can almost guarantee if you stick to these few simple rules you will be on a surefire way to improving your website visitor traffic, page rank and increasing sales your website sales. Where do you find time for blogging and creating new content? 
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